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About Bengals as a Breed


At the simplest level, most Bengals have a lot of personality!
They are intelligent, lively, interactive cats, with whom you have a very genuine two-way relationship. They are very much a dynamic and active part of the family group. Bengals are NOT the same as any other breed, but have various key characteristics which make them very special and different.


For 40% of the time at least, Bengals are astounding athletes. They can rush around with great glee, climb doors and cupboards, and leap to huge heights. Bengals will land on your shoulder in a single leap from a couple of metres away. They will bounce about, roll around, switch lights on and off and even do full somersaults whilst in high spirits.
Kittens in particular can be all over the place, in a veritable stampede of spotty fluff. When excited, they often tremble and twitch their tails, or fluff them up into a massive racoon-tail and chirp like birds.


But fear not - there is some peace to be had! Bengal behaviour is that for much of the time, Bengals go to the other extreme, and become total softies. They flop over and roll on their backs in ecstasy, come up to you and nuzzle your face, purring wildly, then finally curl up into happy little balls and fall fast asleep.
They genuinely crave affection and will spend many happy hours resting piled up on top of you purring. This makes a lovely complement to their more energetic moments.
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