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Letters from our extended family (Kitten Owners)

Aurora’s Litter 09/2014

Tammy Brooks, Narangba


Hi Bella & family,


Well Cleo is now 6mths old and is a joy in our life. She is so much fun, we all love her to bits. She's like having a play mate, dog and cat all rolled into one. She plays fetch just like a dog does with a ball, she plays tackles with Jarrad on the floor, and she takes turns of sleeping in our beds under the covers and enjoys waking us in the morning with her nice wet nose when she is smooching us so she can get her breakfast. Yes she rules our house! Her markings are just beautiful and everyone that sees her falls in love with her. She can also be very cheeky at times and tests our patients, but we wouldn't want her any other way.


Thank you so much for the wonderful bundle of joy you bought to our lives.


From Tammy Brooks & Family





Amber’s Litter 01/2014

Chris & Stella Snape-Jenkinson



Hello Mummy Bella,

I am happily making my new home my own.

I love snuggling up to the humans when I'm sleeping and dozing.  We play lots of jumping, running and hunting games when I am bursting with energy in the mornings and evenings.  I am fascinated by a puzzle box they made for me, and spend a lot of time getting the rattling and flashing balls out of the box.

The kids think I sleep a lot in the day.  The adults love it that I sleep when the lights go off for the night.  After 2 nights sleeping with them on their pillows, I felt OK to sleep by myself!    Today, I heard them say it was great I slept by myself, but they were worried about me because they couldn't hear my sound, and couldn't find where I was sleeping.  They missed my purring, which they think sounds like a distant motor that is idling.  

My favourite place is in the kitty bed, on the chair tucked under the dining table. I sleep there for hours in the day.  That chair is mine now.

My new mummy thinks I came with the manners of a gentleman - I know where the litter, food and water is, without fail, and sleep when the rest of the house sleeps.  I'm in trouble a lot today however, because I keep getting on top of the dining table.  



Lots of love,

GS Mango.





Charlie’s Litter 04/2012

 Monica Whawell


Hi Bella, Craig and family!


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that the boys are doing beautifully and getting very BIG!

There's hardly any difference in size and looks except that one has a distinct paw print made out of spots on either flank (light blue collar - we called him 'Aslan'), whilst the other has a pink nose (red collar - we called him 'Kyan' which is African for little king).


Our house is constantly being turned into a play arena. Nothing belongs to us any more... The boys own everything!

They lord over everything and have to be a part of everything we do indoors. The German shepherd thinks they are the bee’s knees and regularly gets into a play rumble with them which is absolutely delightful to watch. In short, we love them to bits and couldn't imagine life without our cheeky lads


Kind regards, Monica, Russell & family xo




Aurora’s Litter - 10/2012

 Cindy Roberts, Queensland


Hi Bella,


Happy for you to share my testament.


I found my experience with Morrigan Bengals very exciting and professional from start to finish. I was greeted warmly by Bella who opened her home on arrival for me to meet and mingle with the kittens. I was then showed the parents of the kittens and given a run down on their breed, having only owned Siamese before I found this breed quite unique. When I collected my new kitten who I named Jango I was then given a full explanation of his diet and needs, he was fully vaccinated and deserved when I collected him so no rushing around for me. Jango has been a great friend to myself and my 3yr old boy, they chase each other around all day. Jango is very affectionate and can't wait for us to get home from work for attention.


Cindy Roberts


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Charlie’s Litter 12/2012

 Linda Ashton, NSW


I can't speak more highly of the generosity, helpfulness and professional manner which I experienced with Morrigan Bengals. From the outset, Bella Walls was only too pleased to forward extra photos of the kitten I was interested in and very promptly organised his flight to my closest airport where he arrived with his litter blanket in his carrier, looking no worse for wear and ready to participate in our "picnic lunch". Two days later we received our kitten pack containing 2kgs of his usual biscuits, a toy mouse and useful breed and kitten information. Zuri is a delightful addition to our household and I can't thank Morrigan Bengals enough for making the whole process so easy and with the knowledge too that I am able to seek additional information if required.


Kindest regards


Linda Ashton

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Aurora’s Litter - 10/2012

Momo & Greg. Gold Coast, QLD


My whole experience of purchasing a bengal kitten couldn't have been easier! You are very helpful and easy to talk to which I was very grateful for. The information sheets were also a great help as they settled my nerves.


The kitten was in perfect condition when I received him and a perfect gentleman, I was more than impressed that he went straight to the litter box as soon as we arrived home.


If I ever think about purchasing another bengal I will definitely be happy to get another one from you.


Thank you for everything,

Momo, Greg & Theodore (the kitten)

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